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The contents shown below can be taught in only one day. This has proven to be an excellent review for managers and executives.

Class Begins
Introduction / Agenda / Objective
Introduction to Color Science
Introduction to Color Science
Introduction to Color Science
Objects Interact with Light
Color Order Systems
Tristimulus Calculations
Color Difference Equations
Class Ends

Applied Color Science & Color Technology Training. A training course designed to teach managers & color technicians the fundamentals of color, color science, & computer color formulation.

Course Content

Introduction to Color Science – Lab & Lecture
Color Appearance
The Triads of Color

Objects interact with light

Complex Reflection

Color Order Systems
Psychophysical & Physics Systems
Systems based in perception, Mixing, and Matching



Tristimulus Calculations Lecture & Lab

Color Difference Equations
Linear & Perceptual Scales

Color Difference
Total Color Difference

Metamerism - Lecture & Lab

Computer Color Matching

Batch Correction

Color Science Consultancy delivered this report to one of our satisfied clients.

We conducted, for two days, an applied color & color science training course. The objectives were two fold:

First, to give management personnel an overview about color technology

Second, to provide in-depth color training to Technical Service, Manufacturing, and Marketing personnel.

There were 15 people that attended the first session on Thursday and 8 people that attended the Friday Session.

The following concepts were presented in the curriculum for the Applied Color & Color Science Technology Course:

Thursday’s session began by asking the participants to identify their Objectives of the course. I wanted to ensure that those topics were addressed during the presentation.

The participants identified the following objectives:
1. Understand color coatings on Pigments
2. Matching of color
3. Gain Technical competence in color
4. Understand color shifting
5. Color Trends
6. Interference coatings

During the presentation all of these objectives were successfully met.


All Evaluation Forms indicated that the Applied Color & Color Science Training Session met and exceeded their objectives.

The following are quotations from Thursday’s Training Evaluation Forms.
1. "Excellent review. . ."
2. "Brought clearer meaning . . ."
3. ". . .enhanced our knowledge level"
4. ". . .This (course) can be used to aid in solving customer problems"
5. "This course will aid us in color matches"
6. "Improved out ability to use color measuring equipment"
7. "Better understanding of color measuring parameters"
8. "How to derive conclusions from color data"

These are the questions that students wanted to an answer to:
When do I use Carbon Black instead of a pigment as a desaturate?
How do I adjust the lightness with Tio2?
How does the instrumentation work?
What do the numbers mean?
Color science Education

Friday’s session was very interactive. Everyone participated. There were fewer questions asked than Thursday; however, we peeled the onion down to the core many times; in fact, I believe in every session.

A quotation from a Senior Executive VP of a large pigment company. "Excellent review". . ."This is the best course that I have ever taken!" "Excellent handouts" – "good pace" – "very knowledgeable instructors" "Excellent"

All Evaluation Forms indicated that the Color Course Training Session met their objectives. These Evaluation Forms were sent to the personnel office.

Certifies of Successful Completion were awarded to every attendee. We presented a copy of a color book to every employee who went through the course.

The overall rating of the Session Content & the Speaker Rating was ~ 11 out of a possible 12. That’s a solid A!!

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