Color Science Consultancy
Color Science Consultancy
Jack is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in fast-paced organizations. He utilizes keen analytical skills and teams to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. He has a consistent record of exceeding goals and expectations. Ladson has superior interpersonal skills, capable of negotiating and resolving multiple, complex issues and situations. he motivates staff to achieve peak performance under tight deadlines. He is a hands-on leader that mentors and motivates staff to achieve new levels of performance. Excellent contacts in color related industries.

Jack has had a diverse career, working for many years in Operations, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and in color technologies, with emphasis on developing and tailoring products, meeting demands and requirements of internal & external customers. Because of broad corporate experience and continuing education, able to tailor solutions to increase enterprise throughput.

Ladson is a well-known national and international spokesperson, publisher, and seminar organizer with advanced presentation skills. Pioneer new color technologies. Seven patents awarded.

In sum, relevant technical expertise and experiences in color and color science; and superior management skills enables me to solve color related problems for companies engaged in manufacturing in color related products.

My resume is posted below. Contact me for an electronic copy.



-           University of Rochester - Optical Design Engineer (1975)

-           Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mathematics major)


-           Certified Quality Engineer - 6 Sigma
-           ISO Trained Auditor

-           Optics

-           Color

-           Color Science

-           Design of Experiments and

-           Quality Engineering


Presentations at 34+ Conferences and Seminars

Attended 95+ Seminars

Authored 55+ Papers

2003 - Present:         COLOR SCIENCE CONSULTANCY, Frederick, MD

A global supplier of color science solutions to industry.
Title: President & CEO
Responsibilities include product development, identifying and developing markets, and sales for products and services that deliver real, innovative solutions with tangible benefits to clients.
*           Developing color products to improve operational efficiency.
*           Supplying color science consulting services and innovative solutions to industry
*           Teaching color science, technology, and providing solutions.
*           Clients range from large multinational corporations to small companies including

              Proctor & Gamble, Datacolor International, Silberline, and Resource III.

2001 - 2003:    INTEGRATED COLOR SOLUTIONS, Yardley, PA  
A developer of color management products.

Title:  Vice President of Business Development
Recruited by company to develop innovative, technical and business solutions for PolyOne Corporation and to develop imaging-based enterprise solutions and products. 

*           Color architect for PolyOne’s Custom Color Matcher System

*           Major account responsibility in U.S. to Fortune 500 Companies.  Generated 4M in sales within 6 months, and personally developed 35 qualified prospects, including Sun Chemical, Proctor & Gamble, PPG, Dupont and Silberline.

*           Served as European Sales Developer – secured overseas clients. 

*           Developed comprehensive product offering, introduction plan, and selling strategies for enterprise solutions.

*           Developed website

*           Developed IT strategy adopted by industry that enables enterprise solutions.  

*           Wrote corporate business plan, corporate presentation, and investor presentations for soliciting financing. 

*           Served as international corporate spokesperson, and gained recognition at international industrial tradeshows and technical conferences. 

1997 to 2001:            ESTEE LAUDER COMPANIES, New York, NY  
A marketing company selling premier cosmetics.
Aggressively recruited by Senior Executive VP to develop and implement global marketing business strategy to increase sales, service, revenues, bottom-line profits, operating productivity and factory capacity.  Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills to all levels of global management and staff that provided leadership, recognition, and motivation.   
*           Reduced number of certified suppliers in supply chain.
*           Introduced new color technology - Increased factory capacity by 33% in two years.
*           Improved manufacturing process using 6 sigma analyses
*           Increased product quality by two times.
*           Rationalized pigments that reduced quantity of pigments by 69%.
*           Supervised and managed 150 global employees.

1974-1996:    BYK-GARDNER, Silver Spring, MD
Manufacturer of color, color appearance instrumentation, laboratory equipment, and services.
Started as optical engineer developing products and providing services for color instrumentation company.  Leadership and management skills “fast tracked” career to responsible positions in Operations, Sales, and R&D.      
* VP of Sales and Marketing - Performed comprehensive market and competitive analysis through industry research that allowed development of strategic business plans, and the vision for the future.  Developed and executed directed sales program with collateral materials. Secured targeted key accounts generated $1.5 million in incremental sales revenue by growing customer base
* VP of R&D - Controlled $1million budget.  Developed, executed, & achieved planned departmental objectives.  Developed, cradle to grave, electro-optical color and appearance instrumentation using cross-functional and R&D teams to fully manage product life-cycle.  Developed POS systems for paint companies, color sensors for food, pharmaceutical, plastics, paint, textile, and ink industries.
* VP of Operations - Reduced COGS 15% by strategic partners, negotiating procurement contracts.  Managed and motivated a staff of 100 with no turnovers and numerous outside suppliers.
*           Achieved inventory turn of >3.5
*           Developed Capacity & Production Planning Tools. 




  • ISCC BOD – 2016 to current
  • SPECAD BOD 2007 to current Society Plastic Engineers Color Appearance Division
  • Secretary, Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC)
  • President, Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC)
  • Past- President, Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC)
  • Chair E12.02, Spectrophotometry & Colorimetry, ASTM International
  • Chair E12.06, Image Based Color Measurement, ASTM International
  • Member, American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • Member, USNC, Commission International on Illumination (CIE)
  • Member, American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, (AATCC)
  • Member, Detroit Color Council (DCC)
  • Member, International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)

  • 52+ Published Original Papers
  • Determining the Accuracy of Color Measurement, Woodhead Publishing 2009
  • Author - First Color Theory “E-Book”
  •  Contributing Author - First Color Educational Interactive Computer program
  • Author & Presenter – Applied Color & Color Science
  • Author & Presenter - Colour Measurement, Principles, Advances, industrial Applications.
  • Author, Colour Measurement: Principles, Advances and Industrial Applications, JALadson


  • Image Clarity – A New Way to Perfect Optical Surfaces, Jack Ladson & Hideo Kita, 2017
  • Colour Guide, The experts guide to colour and colour science, Jack A Ladson
  • Total Measurement Uncertainty of Color Measurement, Jack A. Ladson & Fairman
  • A New System of Colorimetry, Fairman & Ladson, 2014
  • The Assessment of Uncertainty in Spectrometers, 2014
  • Quantifying Methods of EP & USP Colors, 2013 PITCON
  • Uncertainty Analysis in Colorimetry and Spectrophotometry, 2013, Jack A Ladson

·               Towards Standardization of Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility in Object Color Spectrophotometry, Fairman, Kita & Ladson, 2013

  • NBS-ISCC Color Naming System, 2013, Jack A Ladson & Hugh Fairman


  • Advanced Measurement Technology for Image Clarity, Kita & Ladson


  • Determining the Accuracy in Color Measurement of Cosmetics, Ladson


  • A New Visual and Numerical Color Naming System for the Munsell System, Ladson& Fairman


  • Coloring of Plastics, Charvat, Goldstein, Ladson; SPE 2007


  • Reducing the Color Supply Chain by Numerical Color Evaluation of Gonioapparent Colorants JA Ladson


  • The Assessment of Uncertainty in Spectrophotometric Measurements of Colored Plastics, Jack A. Ladson & Fairman. ANTEC 2007


  • Assessment of Uncertainty in Spectrophotometric Measurements – Jack Ladson & Hugh Fairman, CPMA Conference 2007


  • An instrument correction program – Jack Ladson, ISCC/IS&T/SID Special Topics Conference, November 2006


  • Software for the Absolute Correction in Color Values and Calibration of Spectrometers, Jack A. Ladson & Fairman.  NIP 2006


  • Effect Pigments Instrumentation - A Review and Projection, Jack Ladson, RETEC Proceedings, September 2005.


  • Protocol & Evaluation of Multiangle Spectrometers, Jack A. Ladson, April 2005, CSC Client


  • Book Review – The Reproduction of Colour, Sixth Edition, CR&A, summer 2005


  • The Absolute Correction of Instrumentally Generated Spectrometer Values, Ladson & Fairman, ANTEC Proceedings May 2005


  • Technical Report on Sampling, Particle Size, Color, Sparkle, & Mixing of Effect Pigments, September 2004, Client of Color Science Consultancy


  • Radiometry, Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, Elsevier Physics, summer 2004


  • Achieving a Multi-Spectral Virtual Reality IS&T's Second European Conference on Color in Graphics, Imaging and Vision (CGIV 2004) Franz Herbert, JA Ladson, Oliver Unter Ecker.·        


  • Summary of Experiments and Methodologies Used to Evaluate Precise Color on Screen Locally and Across the Internet, Jack Ladson, ICS Internal Publication - September 2002


  • Book Review – Colour Image Science, Color Research & Application, September 2002


  • Absolute and Relative Colorimetric Evaluation for Precise Color on Screen, Ladson, Herbert, & Kirkenaer, IS&T, Nov. 2002.


  •  Colorimetric Evaluation for Precise Color on Screen, Ladson & Kirkenaer, March 2002.


  •  Leonardo 2000 – Ladson, Brill, Fairman & Hemmendinger – An Interactive Screen book, June 2001


  • Leonardo 2000 Color Tutorial – J.A. Ladson – The World’s First E-Book on Color & Color Science, January 2002


  • The New Munsell Student Color Set, J.A. Ladson, Book Review – ISCC Newsletter, August 2001


  • Color Science in the Examination of Museum Objects, J.A. Ladson, Book Review, ISCC Newsletter, October 2001


  • Appearance is the Total Quality of What We Perceive - J.A. Ladson, November 2000


  • The Determination and Comparison of Errors in Powder Products by Various Methods of Specimen Preparation, Measurement and Analysis – J.A. Ladson, October 2000


  • The Derivation and Use of Synthetic Reflectance Curves – J.A. Ladson, August 2000


  • MAC StudioFix Color Evaluation – J.A. Ladson, April 2001


  • Evaluation of 9 Black Pigments and Their Use In Cosmetic Products – J.A. Ladson, July 2000


  • Finishing Powder Evaluation Jane Cosmetics – J.A. Ladson, June 2000


  • Understanding Color and Sales – MAC StudioFix and Sales – J.A. Ladson, March 2000


  • R&D and 31 Cosmetic Pigments – J.A. Ladson, March 2000


  • Colorimetric Mapping of All Day Lipstick – J.A. Ladson, January 2000


  • Estee Lauder Spectrophotometer Performance Evaluation – J.A. Ladson, June 1999


  • Color Measurement Errors Resulting From Instrument Flash Source Induced   Transient Photochromism, Spooner & Ladson, 1997 Proc. SPE-RETEC, CAD, Baltimore, MD, September, 17, 1997


  • Measurement of Appearance Symposium – The 65th Annual Meeting Report – J.A. Ladson – Color Research and Application, October 1996


  • A New Revolution in Colorimeter Performance – J.A. Ladson – DeFarbe, Winter 1996


  • Situation Analysis On-Line Products – J.A. Ladson, 1993


  • Goniometric Performance of the Color-View Instrument J.A. Ladson – Technical Application Note, December 1992


  • Automated In-Line Color Measurement for Quality Control – A. Huruza and J.A. Ladson – SPIE Proceedings, March 1992


  • A New Generation in Process Control Colorimetric Instrumentation – J.A. Ladson – SPIE Proceedings, March 1992


  • Reproducibility of Colorimeters – J.A. Ladson – Internal Report to the Company president, March 1982


  • Measuring the Abrasion of Transparent Materials with Hazemeters – J.A. Ladson and R.E. Evans – ASTM Standardization News, March 1982



  • ISCC/ASTM/CIE Meeting, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD 2014
  • The Pigments & Color Science, Rome Italy -Advisory Board -220 Attendees
  • ISCC/ASTM Meeting, Princeton, NJ, JUN 2010 - 100 attendees
  • Cosmetics and High-Performance Pigment Conference, October 2012- Miami, FL.
  • Color, Color Science, and the Coloring of Plastics, August 2008 –Bancock, Thailand and Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – 100 attendees
  • Proctor & Gamble Conference – Documentary & Physical Standards – Their Creation & Utilization Industry, 25 Attendees
  • ASTM Symposium Effect Coatings – January 2005 80 attendees – Golton & Ladson
  • ISCC/DCC Color Science Symposium – April 2002 - 100 Attendees
  • Estee Lauder Global Color & Appearance Conference – 3 days – 1999 – 150 attendees
  • BYK-Gardner Color Training Conference – 3 days – 1982 – 50 attendees. 





2017 Jeju, South Korea,                 AIC Congress

2017 Troy, NY                                   ISCC/CORM

2014 Las Vegas, NV                       SPE ANTEC

2014  New Orleans, LA                   SPE RETEC

2015 Indianapolis, IN                      ISCC/SPE Conference

2013 Tokyo, Japan                          SUGA Weathering Symposium 

2013 Baltimore, MD                         CAD RETEC

2012 Miami, FL                                 Color Cosmetics Conference

2012 Louisville, KY                         SPE RETEC

2012 Orlando, FL                             SPE ANTEC

2011 Boston, MA                             SPE ANTEC

2011 Chicago, IL                              SPE RETEC

2010 Orlando, FL                             SPE ANTEC

2010 Nashville, TN                          SPE RETEC

2009 Chicago, IL                              SPE ANTEC

2009- Savannah, GA                      SPE RETEC

2008- Milwaukee, WI                       SPE ANTEC

2008- Dearborn, MI                          SPE RETEC

2007 Cincinnati, OH                       SPE ANTEC

2007 San Antonio, TX                    SPE RETEC

2007 Baltimore, MD                         NIP 21

2005 Scottsdale, AZ                        ISCC/IS&T/SID Special Topics
2005 Scottsdale, AZ                        IS&T Color Imaging Conference
2005 New Orleans, LA                    RETEC-2005
2005 Boston, MA                             ANTEC-2005
2005 Cleveland, OH                        ISCC Special Symposium – Automotive Color

2005 Ft. Lauderdale, FL                 ASTM Symposium Exotic Coatings
2004 Scottsdale, AZ                        IS&T Color Imaging Conference
2004 Gaithersburg, MD                  CORM Conference
2003 Chicago, IL                              SCAI Conference
2003 Troy, MI                                    Detroit Color Council
2003 San Diego, CA                       Medical Imaging
2002 Chicago, IL                              Medical Imaging
2002 Scottsdale, AZ                        IS&T Color Imaging Conference
2002 Charlotte, NC                          AATCC Color in Textiles
2002 San Diego, CA                       Medical Imaging
2002 Boca Raton, FL                      Color Cosmetics Summit
2001  Rochester, NY                       AIC Meeting
1998  London, UK                           3rd Oxford Conference
1997  Rindge, NH                            2nd Oxford Conference
1996  Orlando, FL                            Measurement of Appearance
1995  Berlin, Germany                    AIC Interim Meeting Colorimetry
1995  Greensboro, NC                    Textiles in Color
1994 Detroit, MI                                Auto Tech Design
1993  Newport, RI                            Color Regulation in the Environment
1992  Princeton, NJ                         Computer Color Formulation
1991  New York, NY                        Trends in Color and Fashion
1990  Cleveland, OH                       Color and Appearance Instrumentation
1989  Chicago, IL                             Color in Architecture


2017 Jeju, South Korea                  CIE Annual Meeting

2017 Gaithersburg, MD                  CIE USNC Meeting

2015 Tokyo, Japan                          AIC Congress

2013 Philadelphia, PA                    PITTCON

2013 San Diego, CA                       ISCC/CIC/ICC Devcon

2013 Rome, Italy                              Pigments & Color Science

2013, New Castle, UK                     AIC Congress

2012 Manchester, NH                     ISCC Meeting

2012 Troy, NY                                   ISCC/CORM Meeting

2011 Jan Jose, CA                          ISCC/CIC

2011 Berlin, Germany                     Cosmetics & High-Performance Pigment Conference

2011 Cologne, Germany                PhotoKema

2010 Yokohama, Japan                 CP+ PhotoKema

2009 Rochester, NY                        ISCC

2009 Hamburg Germany                Cosmetics & High-Performance Pigment Conference

2009 Princeton, NJ                          Hair Coloring Cosmetics Conference

2009 Yokohama, Japan                 CP+ PhotoKema

2008 Baltimore, MD                         ISCC

2008 Yokohama, Japan                 CP+ PhotoKema

2007 Kansas City, KS                     ISCC

2007 Baltimore, MD                         CPMA Colored Pigments Manufacturers Association

2007 Yokohama, Japan                 CP+ PhotoKema

2005 London, England                   International Imaging Industry Association
2005 Cleveland, OH                        ISCC Annual Meeting
2004 Ft. Lauderdale, FL                 International Imaging Industry Association
2004 NYC, NY                                  FIT Conference on Color & Design
2004 Palm Beach, FL                     International Imaging Industry Association
2004 Stockholm, Sweden              International Imaging Industry Association
2004 Gaithersburg, MD                  ISCC Annual Meeting
2004 Hartford, PA                            PSCT Color Conference
2004 Chicago, IL                              Colored Pigments Manufacturer’s Association
2003 Toronto, Canada                    2003 Cosmetics Summit 
2003 Cincinnati, OH                       P&G Analytical Symposium
2001 Scottsdale, AZ                        Web based Imaging
2002 Charlottesville, VA                 Color and Appearance Symposium
2000  Williamsburg, VA                  2nd Panchromatic Conference – Color and Its Surround
1998  Williamsburg, VA                  Color & Design
1995  Williamsburg, VA                  1st Panchromatic Conference
1994  Williamsburg, VA                  Color of Fluorescent Materials
1992  Williamsburg, VA                  Images in Different Media
1991  Williamsburg, VA                  Colorfastness to Light
1989  Williamsburg, VA                  Color Discrimination and Psychophysics

Speaker Awards
June 2002 Best Conference Speaker - AATCC Color Symposium

Penn State Materials Research Center
1995-2000 Optics of Nanometer Particles 

Preparation of legal opinions and defense for selected clients
     2008 -Expert Witness -Tamko vs. NPC Plastics, Federal Court

     2012 - Expert Witness - Venus Kitting Mills Inc. v. Marsal International Sports, Inc.

Created Products

Comic III Computer Color Formulation Training Program.  Davidson, Fairman & Ladson

Digital Color Vision & Color Aptitude Test - Software program to detect anomalous color vision & color acuity.  Fairman & Ladson

Mean Plus - Software program correcting spectrometer instrumental values.  Fairman & Ladson


Teaching Assignments

  • Adjunct Professor Penn College, Division of PENN State, Teaching: Color, Color Science and Coloring of Plastics


  • US Expert on Digital Cameras


International Standards Created

  • ISO 4892 – Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light sources
  • 17321-3:2017, Graphic technology and photography -- Colour characterization of digital still cameras (DSCs) -- Part 3: User controls and readouts for scene-referred imaging applications
  • ISO 10216 Anodizing of aluminum and its alloys- Instrumental determination of image clarity of anodic coatings – instrumental methods
  • ISO 17221 Plastics - Determination of image clarity (degree of sharpness of reflected or transmitted image)
  • ISO CD – Plastics-Methods of exposure to spectral radiation using spectrometer
  • ASTM INTERNATIONAL, E2867, Standard Practice for Estimating Uncertainty of Test Result Derived from Spectrophotometry.

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