Color Science Consultancy
Color Science Consultancy

Jack A. Ladson Expert Witness

Jack A. Ladson provides legal, expert testimony on all matters concerning;

· Affect Pigments

· Analysis

· Appearance Measurement

· Coatings

· Color

· Color Appearance

· Color Science

· Cosmetic products

· Inks

· Inorganic pigments

· Instrumentation

· Paints

· Organic pigments

· Packaging

· Plastics

· Quality

· Special effect pigments

· Standards

· Textiles

Services include (but not limited to)

Quick, expert-based analysis for case qualification

Simplification of complex technical issues for judges and juries

Support discovery with on-demand technical knowledge, perspective and analysis

Expert witness testimony with deep technical knowledge drafting, reviewing, and critiquing expert reports

Product and material testing and analysis

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Color Science Consultancy
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