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Color Science Consultancy delivers deep expertise across many industries, and provides innovative ways of thinking to solve your business challenges. The end results improve manufacturing processes and solve those "un-resolvable issues." This means manufacturing costs are lowered and product quality increased. We apply color science, digital colorimetry, digital photography, CCM, standards, and specially designed computer products to solve your problems.


Biography - Jack A Ladson


Jack A Ladson is a principal in Color Science Consultancy in Frederick, MD.  Mr. Ladson studied graduate level Mathematics at MIT. Mr. Ladson is a past-president of the Inter-Society Color Council (The international color society representing the US internationally), and a current member of the BOD. He has authored and presented over 40 referred papers, one US patent, numerous national standards and several international standards for ISO.  His latest publication is entitled; Uncertainty Measurement in Colorimetry. This paper is unprecedented in the color community, describing how to quantify uncertainty in color measurement.   He has organized and chaired many color and appearance conferences.  He was awarded the prestigious Fred W. Billmeyer Award by the ASTM in 2012.   Mr. Ladson is a member of BOD of the SPE since 2007 and the ISCC in 2015.  He was awarded the prestigious Honorary Member Award by the ISCC in 2016.  He is a recognized expert in color and color science by the US Federal Court and a US expert in Digital Cameras.  He is chair of ASTM E12.02 on Spectrometry and Colorimetry, E12.06 on Display, Imaging and Imaging Colorimetry and a recognized technical expert. He is the solicited reviewer of Peter Lewis’s Chapter 14, Organic Colorants, published in the ASTM Paint Bible.

He is the sole author of these standards:

E2194-Multiangle Color Measurement of Metal Flake Materials,

E2539-Multiangle Color Measurement of Interference Pigments,

E2466-Colorimetry of Teeth Using Digital Still Camera Technology,

E2670-Quantification of Dental Plaque Using Digital Still Cameras,

E2545-Objective Measurement of Gingival Color Using Digital Still Cameras.

He teaches color and color science on 4 continents and serves as an adjunct professor for PENN College, teaching an industrial graduate level course; Color, Color Science and the Coloring of Plastics.   

Mr. Ladson is a quality engineer and has guided three companies through ISO 17025 registration. 

Mr. Ladson consults for many companies.  Here is a partial list: Ahava (Israel); Amway; Benjamin Moore; BYK-Gardner; USA; BYK-Gardner, GMBH (Germany); Ciba-Geigy (Switzerland); Crayola; Datacolor; Estee Lauder; Hunter Laboratories; Integrated Color Solutions; Kanasi Paint (Japan); P&G;  Poly-One; Rohm & Haas; Silberline; Smithsonian Museum; Suga (Japan); Sun Chemical; Tamko, Zeiss (Germany) and the US Treasury. 

Areas of Expertise

Color Appearance Sciences

Product Deelopment

Product Development Analysis


New Technologies

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Color Appearance Sciences:
Color Audits, Corporate & International
Develop Methodologies
Optimize Workflow 
Supplier Certification
Steering Committees
Instrumental Color Matching
Visual Color Matching

Product Development:
Opto-Electronic System
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
System Design
Optical System

Product Development Analysis:
Costs Projections
Market Viability
Launch Strategy

Artifact Standards
Develop “In-house” Procedures
Standardization Representation
Legal Representation
Develop National & International Standards

New Technologies:
Digital Photography
Digital Colorimetry

Legal Issues:
Patent Development
Create Legal Opinions
Provide Expert Testimony

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